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  • Optimize capital investment and available space
  • Adapt to ever-changing requirements
  • Accelerate speed of deployment
  • Lower the cost of service contracts
  • Increase availability per dollar

Based in Dallas, Texas, the firm’s professionals are experienced in mission critical infrastructure and information technologies, while providing successful solutions since 1983.  Our senior staff consists of recognized industry leaders who sit on key technical standards committees, regularly contribute articles, and conference presentations.

Businesses have come to rely more heavily on their mission critical facilities infrastructure.  With the proliferation of new business drivers, the complexities to design and build these facilities have increased by orders of magnitude.  It is no longer feasible to believe that anyone, except those dedicated to working with critical space, can understand all that a critical site needs.  TSC is best suited to help these customers with their critical space, so that those clients can focus on their core business competencies.