Our mission at TSC Services is to provide you with superlative customer satisfaction, expertise in preservation/protection of your products and efficient management of your mission critical facilities.

We specialize in data centers, hospitals, government sites, factories, ISDs or anywhere a client needs reliable infrastructure to operate their business.

TSC Maintenance Services

Maintenance on your equipment is essential. We provide extended warranties whether or not you purchase your equipment from us. We handle all of the paper work and take care of any issues that arise. We offer maintenance services for the following equipment: Generator, ATS, STS, RPP, UPS, PDU, Chiller, CRAC/CRAH

Project Management Services

We help advise a strategy, summarize all work to be completed, prioritize the phases, appraise a financial plan, methodically proposal an accurate timetable and define any supplementary resources you may require.

Data Center Assessment Services

A Data Center Assessment includes: Site Inspection; evaluation of the load capacity constraints; Identification of critical deficiencies and potential downtime risks; valuation of concurrent maintenance capacity; improvement recommendations; and a comparison to the identified business objectives for the intended use of the space.

Rental Equipment

Due to unanticipated and strategic outages where cooling and UPS power is required at a moment’s notice, we ensure your mission critical facility is operating at optimum capacity upon emergency.